Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 16, 2021



Right at the beginning off the video I opened a Ziplock of patches that had some non BSA items in it. The Playboy bunny is not what got people talking. Instead it was a patch that I called an “Indianapolis Colts” patch. For those of us not from the area that is rubbing salt in an old wound. I was corrected that in fact that was a Baltimore Colts patch made before Indianapolis stole their team.


I believe the Scouter had attended the 1977 Jamboree (maybe 73 too) and did a lot of trading for OA flaps. Strangely for many of the flaps he had 2 of the same which is just weird. If you were casually trading patches how could you end up with more than 20 flaps where you have a pair and not just a single?


I was most excited about this collection because it included a classic Spread Ws Brotherhood flap from my home lodge. But it turns out that wasn’t the best patch in the box (not by a long shot!). So if you are curious click below to watch the video.


I have 334 live auctions in my Patchblanket eBay Store including OA issues from the Carolinas ending every night this week. I recently bought a huge collection of dupes from those lodges and I have them scattered out with a few from each lodge ending every night this week.


I did not take a picture but some of you would get a big kick out of the scene in the back of my warehouse. I have a huge table piled high with boxes of coffee mugs. I mean tubs and tubs full! This week we are photographing all my mug dupes so that they can finally be listed for sale. No more giving them away at camp promotion talks I’m actually putting them up on eBay.




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