Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 06, 2020

Many of you would laugh out loud at the scene yesterday. My daughter is on spring break so I enlisted her help in moving boxes from my old warehouse space to the new. Several times she would look inside the box and say “dad nobody is ever going to want this crap why don’t you throw it in the dumpster”. How many of your kids would say that too?

In her defense I have the problem that I really don’t throw away anything. I have boxes and boxes of paper and books (what she was really complaining about) that I don’t even collect. But I can’t help but think somebody will want a 1960s GS Handbook or some random jamboree paperwork. Maybe it’s time for some dollar boxes in the Charlotte TOR silent auction.

When you move everything you also reconnect with different phases of your life. For a time I was deep into council and lodge history from my boyhood area in South Carolina. I have boxes and notebooks full of old newsletters and paper. Too bad we don’t have any kind of history committee that could actually accept these as a donation.

I also have 4 large Rubbermaid tubs full of lodge t-shirts. Do you ever feel like you have created an archived legacy that nobody actually cares about? I think 1 time in my whole life I displayed these t-shirts. But before I start taking everything to Goodwill there is a sunny side. My new space has a very cool foyer area where I can hang some of my prized framed collections up. I might even swap things out quarterly like a small museum might do. The space is smaller than a tiny bedroom but it’s perfect for what I want to do.

Moving gives you a chance to press the reset button on some things when you are a collector (or hoarder). After I do the grunt work of physically moving everything I’ll try and spend some times opening boxes that have dust on them and really narrowing down my focus. If you are coming to the Charlotte TOR the silent auction will be epic!



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