Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 20, 2020

I am going to try and make lemonade from lemons. Having the Charlotte TOR bounce around on the calendar because of Easter has been a problem every year. So maybe with the postponement we find an early fall date that can settle in as the best option going forward. I was also going to miss the Dixie Fellowship for about the 4th year in a row thanks to Cub Scouts but now that will likely be pushed back too so maybe I can make the new date.

So far in my area things are kinda running on a 2-week delay. All we know is no school until the end of March. I know in some states they’ve painfully decided to punt for the rest of the semester. Scouting is at a stand still although I admire those folks trying to do online meetings. The saving grace is that summer camp is so far out from now that hopefully all this will pass and EVERYONE will be ready for camp to get here.

This was the first full week in the new warehouse for my crew. I still have three shelves of stuff at the old place that I need to bring over and with luck that will happen early next week. I’ve developed tunnel vision just focusing on moving so it’s probably helped ease the stress of the unknown because I’m just so exhausted at night.

I have 148 auctions closing over the next few hours and days. Sadly the move has kept me from doing much listing lately. I hope that starting next week I can get some more fresh inventory up. I’m also going to become more active selling on Facebook when the dust settles since I have touched every box in my warehouse and have seen how much stuff I need to find a new home for.

Today my entire family came out the office to sequester while our house cleaner came. Normally everyone would be at school or work but not today! So everyone found a corner and my wife is getting a lot done. Patrick is binging the animated series Avatar The Last Airbender. Hopefully this online learning will kick in soon and the kids will have something productive to do with their time. It’s safe to assume that all TORs in March and April are cancelled or postponed. I’ve deleted some off the calendar but I would call/email before I made any plans.



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