Scouting Hot Finds Boy Scout Category Top 10 List #28

Last minute snipes, insurance bids and good old fashioned store inventory are among the best selling items in the Boy Scout category of eBay for the week of March 1-7, 2021. This video brings back an old classic. My last Top 10 video was published in May of 2012. So in bringing it back I’ve drawn some inspiration from other hobbies where this type of video has become popular. So what I hope you will enjoy in this idea is for me to add some commentary to the list instead of just showing you static images like I was almost 10 years ago. I have the auctions linked in in this post so you can check them out yourself!

#10 Boy Scout OA 104 Occoneechee First Flap BIN
#9 NobleSpirit No Reserve(EL)Excellent Collection of BSA Council & Lodge Patches 29 bids
#8 Eagle Scout Forestry Camp. Wisconsin. E.S.F.C. Very Nice. Shield, canvas back 20 bids
#7 NITAPOKAIYO Lodge 390 OA First Flap F1 YELLOWSTONE Extremely Scarce Rated #9 5 bids
#6 Shu Shu Gah Lodge 24 Caldwell Vigil Pin with Arrow & Chain Silver Brooklyn OA BIN
#4 Camp Umbstaetter Chenille Patch Boy Scout Allegheny County West Council worn 17 bids
#3 Klahican Lodge 331 OA F1 First Flap patch Order of the Arrow Boy Scouts mint 21 bids
#2 Region Seven 7 Scout Landing Leader (2) Camper Portageur Voyageur rockers NICE 28 bids
#1 Colonneh lodge 137 F1 OA First Flap patch Order of the Arrow Boy Scouts Mint 19 bids


I like the format! I actually bid $2001.00 for the Klahican mostly because of the condition and a NC need. I did not think it would go that high. Thanks, Jeff

By Jeff Vernon on March 12th, 2021 at 9:55 am


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