Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 3, 2024


A trip to Society Hill, SC yesterday and Camp Coker was a good chance to see sold friends and hear about some great things underway. The revitalization committee shared that over a dozen projects are underway with shovels in the dirt or bids out for contract. The theme was that the look of the camp was going to remain largely untouched but what needed to be fixed and improved would be. In other words they were not going to bulldoze all the old buildings for those that have been worried about that.


It was a bit of reunion as there was a group of guys that were from the 1960s followed by other generations. One of them told me he was present at the re-dedication ceremony held in 1963 when the last major camp wide capital campaign concluded. While there we saw that a group of LDS adults was touring the camp as they plan on renting it out for three weeks in the summer. It’s great to know kids are gonig to be swimming in the lake, fishing from the docks and making memories at Camp Coker this summer.


I am most excited about the plans to add program shelters to the heart of camp. This will start with taking a large pole barn below the dining hall and renovating it with a concrete floor, fireplace and electricity. I can see this becoming a key place for activities and shifting things out of the dining hall when the sun goes down. There will eventually be another building with a huge covered area that will again be very useful near today’s first aid lodge.


On eBay I have 219 live auctions with almost half of those ending tonight. Greg McDaniel let me know that my staff segment (link below) is indeed from Philmont and a god one.












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