Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 24, 2020

In my new office I have talked to my wife about setting up a room for the kids to have a classroom. My 4th grader especially is hoping to have a pretty normal stream of online assignments. My 10th grader is enjoying not waking up early and doesn’t quite know what to expect with high school classes so far.

I have declared that today is the LAST day of moving. I told my wife this might have to be the all nighter. I’ve rented a Uhaul and got an Eagle Scout to help me make the final push. This last day will bring all my active eBay inventory over to the new place. Then I have to get those shelves put up and everything back like it was. Wednesday is going to be a monster shipping day!

I’ve talked to many people who are nervous about summer camp and NOAC being cancelled. I don’t think anybody can predict what will happen 2 1/2 months from now when my staff is supposed to report. I imagine we will have some new hygiene and medical procedures but hopefully the warm weather and all this social distancing will clear things up by then. In the largest county in NC we only have 12 people in the hospital because of the virus so that doesn’t sound to me like we are being overrun right now.

All this moving has taken a bite out of my listing projects but I do have a discount code to offer my Hot Finds readers that’s pretty sweet. I have not promoted my online store at www.ScoutPatchHQ.com in a while but today I’ve got a coupon that will score you 20% off any order. The code for checkout is 20off and that will give you the discount and free shipping! What’s not to like about that.

The last thing my wife said to me as I was leaving was imploring me to sell some of the Scout stuff that I’ve been moving rather than building so many shelves to house it. To that end I look forward to posting all sorts of things on Facebook soon to start cleaning out!



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