Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 23, 2021


In the next few hours I’ll be pushing off to attend the event formerly known as the Dixie Fellowship. It’s a new day as Tsali Lodge hosts the Cornerstone Conclave in what promises to be a much smaller event due to Covid. Some lodges have had a hard time getting Scouts to register for a myriad of reasons. I know of 2 lodges that have less than 20 youth. But the biggest downside is an awful weather forecast for Saturday.


The first week of sales on Russell Smart’s new store have been very good. It’s really a boutique store where there is nothing priced less than $20. But that’s kinda the point! So if you are looking for OA there are some really good pieces on there! Check out today!


I have 218 live auctions running on eBay with about 1/2 of those ending Sunday night. This strategy of running auctions every night of the week has helped me build a really consistent business on eBay. Yesterday I finished getting all my Dixie Fellowship duplicates listed for sale! If you want to see what I’ve got you can click here to see the category in my eBay store where I have nearly 200 different pieces available.


Despite the rain and smaller crowds (and name change) I am very happy to be attending my first SR5 conclave full time since 2016. Five years of being a Cub Scout den leader meant I had a conflict for this weekend. Now that my son has crossed the bridge I can go back to conclave with my home lodge. Being a good Scouter I am also giving a ride to a pair of local Scouts from Charlotte. Now about that rain….




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