Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 25, 2021


I am home from conclave which means shower, shave, and you know what else. I’ve had some time to list items on my eBay store from the event. Check out the Dixie Fellowship category to see what I was able to get extra of. I’ve priced everything as a BIN.


It was an unbelievable weekend to finally (finally!!!) be at a Scouting event with hundreds of Arrowmen (maybe 600?) and get to see all of my old buddies from the other lodges. We swapped stories, laughter and a lot of patches over the weekend. The food was excellent, the weather was not but it was an awesome conclave all the same. I want to thank the host lodge Tsali 134 for an amazing amount of work they put into it.


There was a Tsali Surprise patch on Sunday morning. Taking a page from the SR7B guys the host lodge made a Vigil Rededication patch that was kinda kept under wraps until Sunday at 6:38 AM. I think only about 50 of these were made (maybe 75) but almost nobody got one before the Council of Chiefs kinda snatched them up. So that will be the killer piece to get for sure!!


I have 238 live auctions on eBay with over 100 of those ending tonight from a big OA collection I have been selling. I was able to trade for a nice bag full of new stuff this weekend. Eventually that will all get up live too but I was just so happy to give Scouts fist bumps (instead of shaking hands) to seal many 1:1 trades over the weekend.


My next big Scouting event will be the Alabama TOR in a few weeks. Good news on the TOR front is that the Governor of NC is about to lift all social distancing and gathering size limits effective June 1. When he does I should be able to get the Charlotte TOR on the calendar for the fall of 2021. I can’t/won’t give the date out yet because it’s not official until the church says yes. But for those of you that have come before we will put on a great show on short notice!




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