Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 18, 2022



Wednesday I bought a collection that is very different from the ones that I see in my area. Most guys in the Carolinas are heavily focused on OA and a few have advanced camp and council collections. But I don’t think I know of anyone that is what you might call a generalist. By that I mean someone that collects all the various facets of Scouting from interpreter strips to merit badges to position patches. Those collectors exist but they are generally not from these parts.


Well as it turns out the gentleman who assembled this collection was from the Northeast originally. But for me this was the kind of collection that I’d like to have. It’s 95% complete on lots of areas like round patrol patches (all eras) and square knots etc. In fact he had over 200 red & white shoulder strips which is something I don’t collect although the thought has crossed my mind to keep those and see where I go adding in pieces.


I have 264 live auctions on eBay this week using the strategy that if it’s unusual throw it up for bids. Some of these are purely odd ball things like troop patches and camp neckerchiefs but you never know what will catch someones eye.


Saturday I have another long haul drive to make. I’m spending the day in Columbia, SC attending the council Merit Badge University and a camp staff bowling night afterwards. But before putting on the uniform I’m slipping down to Augusta GA to pick up another collection. I have been talking to this guy for almost a year so it will feel good to finally land this one. Ironically it’s a Chicago collection but I don’t discrimate when it comes to recycling this old Scout stuff!






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