Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 15, 2022



I got an agonizing (for me) request recently that some of you can appreciate. Through my strategy of acquiring stuff I have lots of collections come through small and large. Recently I posted some cool camp staff pieces on eBay and was contacted by a Facebook friend that runs an upstart camp museum. He was looking to see if I would trade the items (currently for sale at auction) so he could get them for the museum.


My dilemma in all this of course is that I paid a good bit of money (4-figure check) to get the collection and these were among the first items I posted for sale to recover my purchase. So being torn between the idea of doing a good turn or running my business I chose the later. I still feel bad about it but having been in this game for a long time I think the true North for me is to be consistent in how I do things and treat everyone the same. Pulling the live auctions would mean that other collectors who had their eyes on them would have had the rug pulled out.


Speaking of collections I’m about to have an unbox-o-ree here in the warehouse. I published a video for my Scouting Hot Finds Insiders this week showing them the embarrassing number of unopened boxes piled up in the corner. I have been trying to get all of the death piles here in the office (unlisted inventory) done before turning the spigot on and breaking into fresh boxes. But I also have to look at the calendar and realize that I’m about 10 weeks away from reporting for summer camp so it’s time.


I have 258 live auctions on eBay including many neckerchiefs, shoulder patches and OA. Yes if you look hard enough you can spot those unique camp staff pieces. The same collection also had a green wool Pedro jacket that I’ve never seen before.


Tomorrow I’m driving to go look at a collection that should be pretty interesting. As I recently told someone I don’t have a sourcing problem I have a listing problem. For better or for worse I’m getting lots of opportunities to purchase collections these days. The real challenge is can I then turn around and make my money back so I don’t run out of cash flow. Perhaps there is a phrase like being patch rich and broke. LOL






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