Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 13, 2022



Saturday I got to spend the day at the Santee Lodge Spring Fellowship and see some old friends. I was also working on a project to update and finalize a patch checklist for Camp Coker. It’s ironic how many issues I didn’t realize where issued at the camp and council level over the last five years that I have been less active. Hopefully, I will be able to share the information with anyone interested and document the history.


Thursday I’m going to drive to the council recognition banquet for the Indian Waters Council in Columbia. Several guys that I have been friends with for a long time are being honored with the Silver Beaver. It’s great to see that coming out of the pandemic that these events are returning to traditional banquets with everyone in person and sharing a meal together. Then Saturday I have to return to Columbia to visit the IWC Merit Badge University and go bowling with our camp staff that night as a social event.


I got a phone call today from somebody who had something really nice to sell. He sold everything to some guys I know several years ago and was finally ready to let go one key piece that he held onto. After a nice thirty minute long phone call I hung up and decided the right thing to do was to text those guys and let them know what’s up. This is a very small hobby and rather than try and step in someone else’s deal I tipped them off that he was ready to sell that key piece. It takes a long time to build relationships in this hobby but they can be damaged very quickly if you get too greedy. So I may have left some money on the table but there will be another deal tomorrow and more importantly I did right by these guys.


I have 280 live auctions on eBay this week with a bunch of those ending today. Today I have a few felt patches ending that I had no clue what they were. My gut feels like they are not Boy Scout but I started them at $10 and let anybody have a chance to pick them up if they have more knowledge than me.


Tomorrow I’ll be working from home while we have some tree trimming work in our yard. The weather has been sour around here and this is on the third round of being rescheduled. But I’ve got plenty I can do from home working on listings and sometimes it’s good for me to be away from the office to focus on one project.






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