SHF Radio #79: Why Collect Boy Scout Patches

In getting ready to host a Boy Scout memorabilia show (we like to call them Trade-O-Rees) I was asked by the troop committee chairman to come give a patch trading class to the Scouts of Troop 33. Episode 79 is the audio of that patch collecting talk that I gave to about two-dozen Scouts ranging from fresh Tenderfoots to high school aged Eagles. I know that many other people have been in this situation. Tasked with creating a 30-40 minute talk on a hobby that not that easy to translate. After getting some advice from others my spin was to focus more on the “why” rather than the “how”. I tried to make connections with the Scouts through their participation in the program and show how easy it was to use the memorabilia to walk back in time. I would appreciate any feedback and likewise feel free to take what I’ve shared and use it if you are ever in that situation. I discovered that anyone born after 1996 is referred to as Generation Z so my goal was to try and speak on their level and not make it a pro-level how to class.


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