Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 31, 2017

You never quite know how tables are going to fit in a room until you actually set them up. Lucky for us instead of everything not fitting we discovered that at the corners we had a little extra space that allowed some adjustments to be made to the floor plan. Check out the video I made with time-lapse setting on my phone that shows the entire set up in a matter of seconds.

My mother came up to watch the kids so I could be at the TOR all weekend. This was a big help since my wife is in Europe this week for work. While some might think that would have been tough on me getting ready for the show and being a single parent – at least she didn’t have to witness and get aggravated by my week long patch freak out. I tried to organize so much Scout crap this week to prep for the show that the patch cave was (and still is) a disaster. But it will all be clean when she gets home Monday like none of this ever happened.

As for selling this weekend my goal is simple – bring home less stuff! I almost emptied out my storage building and made three loads (soon to be loads 4 and 5) to the TOR site. My goal is to unload as much of the bulky items like uniforms, t-shirts, hats, books etc as I possibly can. I’ll have pictures of my layout in the Sunday issue of the Hot Finds along with more TOR coverage.

In getting ready for the Charlotte TOR I decided to finally order some nice shirts with my logo embroidered on it. Pictured here is a stitch out of one that I went with. Some of you will recognize this is the design element from the logo I use for my eBay store The company I used did a really good job and were super cheap. If you want to check out Queensboro this link will get you $20 off your first order. They were really easy to work with and very professional. They are located in Wilmington, NC but do a big business on the Internet. I see their Facebook ad all the time.







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