Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 16, 2017

Some days I get lucky and receive an offer to buy a small collection. Sometimes these don’t pan out like the one I hit this week where after visiting the guy he said he was going to send it to his buddies auction house. But I did have a winner this week when a small package came in from Alaska.

This guy served in the army and did a lot of his Scouting at different posts. In those quirky collections there can sometimes be some winners. He had something that I can describe as a flag but it’s a huge single color screen print on a canvas material. It’s for the old Georgia Alabama council that merged around 1963. That one will be on eBay tonight.

The really neat piece that might be a winner is a military base strip that isn’t in my somewhat dated copy of the CSI Guide. Blake Keasey and now Frank Kern were in charge of the quarterly article in the ISCA Journal for red and white strips. This guy was stationed in Alaska and has a Ft. Richardson strip (army base near Anchorage). It might not do much on eBay but I’m throwing it up there tonight to see what happens.

Today one of my projects is cracking open the 7 footlockers I brought back from New England and diving into this collection. I have patch OCD so they all have to be sorted and organized before I can start offering them up for sale.





Ultimately, along as the Troop plans allow the Catholic Scouts the opportunity to attend Mass, the only other thing you can do, individually, is offer rides to the later Mass. We were planing a court of honor for Scout Sunday. Then we looked at the calendar and realized it s also Superbowl Sunday.

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