Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 22, 2018

I would say my favorite thing about the museum was that there was a lot of text on the walls to tell the story. So you didn’t have to flip through a book or go hunting for the key dates and events in the history of the councils and camps. It was typed up in letter size frames hanging on the walls.

If you want to know what the hardest item to get was I’d have to rate it as the staff flap. I only saw one that was in somebody’s stash that they were taking home. They made 300 of them for the 240 members on the staff. Likewise the Wahissa early bird and Klahican early bird registration patches were hard to come by.

I am always pleasantly surprised at these vents how many young patch traders there are. The 2017 Jamboree still has some clear influence on this as many of the Scouts in encountered started their collections at the Jamboree. I even discovered in Klahican where I lived for 18 years there is a small group of really enthusiastic youth patch traders.

I always try and give a patch trading report on these events. Overall the trading was good not great. Mostly due to the fact that although there were 1300+ participants the host lodge corralled the patch trading into one shelter that had about a dozen picnic tables. It would have been awesome if we could have traded under the dining tent where every Scout would have been able to spread out their patches but since the section or host lodge decided not to put lights in that huge tent we were left fighting over the limited table space.



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