Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 06, 2022



I have a lot of irons in the fire in the patch warehouse and I thought I’d share them with the readers. Some of these are projects that I’ve already mentioned and a few are new. The update on the sash project is that we are 1/2 through ironing and sorting about 200 OA sashes that I cleaned up recently. The ones that are back to clean white I will by the style and length. Some of those 1960s ones were pretty short!


Friday my daughter Sophia started the process of cleaning and photographing my father’s Lionel Train collection. I have had these in totes for a few years and my mom is beyond ready for me to do something with them. So I’ve decided to open up a Roth IRA for Sophia and fund it with the proceeds from selling the trains. I can contribute an amount up to what she earns on her taxes. But years from now if she continues to fund the IRA she will know the seed money came from grandpa’s trains which I think is pretty cool.


Next weekend I’m going to attend my lodge fellowship and so I’ve set a goal of organizing all of my Camp Coker and Pee Dee Area Council shoulder strips to take them to the event. We usually have patch trading in the evening and rather than posting these on eBay first I want to let the local guys have first dibs.


I have 231 live auctions on eBay this week with a bunch of those being neckerchiefs and shoulder strips. I have the auctions already built and scheduled for the month of March. I have to get ahead of this so I can eventually build out the two months that I’ll be away from the warehouse for summer camp and NOAC.


Have any of you considered attending NOAC this summer under the new system as an unaffiliated adult? I am not sure that’s what it’s called but some of you can remember being shut out of your lodge contingent due to spots being allotted to get more youth to attend. I am in a similiar situation with my lodge having very few youth who have signed up. I think it’s a great a novel idea and I hope this trial run works well!




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