Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 31, 2019

For better or worse at the last two Crossroads of America TORs (Indy) I ended up buying all their uniform pieces at the end of the show for a good deal. As a kid I can remember how all my OA buddies thought it was cool in the late 1980s to have a vintage green uniform shirt. On camp staff it was a thing to wear that style. But now that I have everything together and organized that’s gotten a little out of hand.

So as you can see in the video now I have probably close to 150 shirts and a similar number of Scout pants and shorts. I have rarely tried to sell uniforms online because of the obvious issues with sizing and describing small imperfections. People who buy close online now have an expectation that if they don’t like the fit they can return them. The overall return rate in that industry is around 15% of all sales so it’s just not something I’ve been excited to do.

In typical Santeeswapper fashion (no pun there!) I adopted a strategy to try and sell all these uniforms and made a little progress before deciding it was too much work to really iron, take multiple photographs and package up uniforms. If you want to see that somewhat failed strategy then you can see this link to Facebook

So the plan for the upcoming Charlotte Trade-O-Ree is to bring the twin clothes racks I have and try and move as many as possible. These are also going to become the prizes for the Scouts that complete one of our scavenger hunts. I hope that will think things out!

All this fun is happening at the Charlotte TOR coming up April 5-6. Don’t worry if you are not interested in green uniforms there will be plenty more cloth in the room!



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