2012 Pre-NOAC Trade-O-Ree Announcement

[SIZE=4]I got this from a friend via the Patch-L list serve.

[/SIZE]Since a question was just asked if ISCA was going to conduct the 2012 Pre-NOAC Trade-o-ree, I’ll just do a real short announcement now and will follow up more later with the details.

We just received a signed copy of the contract yesterday, so a quick announcement is in order. Yes, ISCA will be hosting the Trade-o-ree on-site in advance of the NOAC at the Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

Since NOAC will officially start on Monday, July 30, 2012, (and will conclude on Saturday, August 4th), it will be a four day trade-o-ree starting Friday afternoon and ending on Monday, afternoon.

I’ll make a post with more details as we move forward with our planning. With this much notice and the fact that the trade-o-ree will be publicized as being connected with NOAC, we’re expecting a huge turnout.

Craig Leighty


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