Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 29, 2022



I’m not sure I ever came up with a name for my spring long project to list all the odd ball stuff in my eBay Store but I should have. Yesterday, I focused on hat pins and got hundreds and hundreds put up at fixed price. OA, Jamboree, Woodbadge, you name it I added them to the Patchblanket eBay Store.


If you need any further proof that I’ve gone all in on getting the “death piles” in the warehouse tackled then here it is. Yesterday, my lady who helps me with listing brought back two long boxes of plain BSA neckerchiefs that she scanned. Yes the generic ones that ironically cost over $11 in the Scout shop. These do sell on eBay for $5-$8 so I’m going to list them. The struggle with me is I have to remember one man’s junk is another mans….well you know.


On eBay I have 211 live auctions running this week. I’ve built out my calendar for the whole month of May. I can only schedule these 1 month out so as I go into the next month I’ll be scheduling listings that will post while I’m at camp. One more reason to love eBay is with some good employees the business can keep running while I’m at Camp Barstow.


I am getting this issue out late because as some of you know I was on a college tour with my daughter today to NC State. So now that we have visited 6 schools this spring it appears that Appalachian State is the current front runner. But I think this is heavily influenced by who she knows that is also going there so it’s still TBD as she has 1 more year of early college here in Charlotte before going off.






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