Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 26, 2022



Sometimes in the course of a day you can literally loose track of what you started and finished. Yesterday I was very focused on juggling three employees in the warehouse and trying to get some more merit badges listed. Along the way I forgot that I didn’t add the final edits to the newsletter and get it out. Doh!


I posted on Facebook last night a very interesting update from the National Jamboree. For 2023 they have given council’s flexibility to add “adult chaperones” to contingent troops. Essentially lifting the long running cap of the familiar 4 roles in a Jamboree troop. This flexibility will allow more adults to have that mountain top experience in Scouting but also will help fill numbers coming out of COVID and bankruptcy. So I’m all for it as I think adult volunteers are an important part of the program and deserve to get a ticket on the bus too!


Today I plan to interview Chris Jensen for my podcast so that I can help get the word out about the 2022 Pre-NOAC Trade-O-Ree. He is quickly selling out tables so part of the push is just to issue a big invitation to all the Scouters and contingents out there to put it on their itinerary if possible.


On eBay I have 201 live auctions running. I’ve recently posted over 100 pins including many OA pins in my store. I’ve got many more that will get live today as I’ve blocked out time to crunch and build my listing schedule. Over the summer I hope to maintain the strategy of running auctions starting every day of the week. I might tap the breaks just a little but really eBay doesn’t slow down that much in the summer.


It looks like ISCA is out of the business of “monitoring” patch trading at national events. This is according to a post by someone in the Facebook Group. I’m pretty libertarian about patch trading (are you surprised?) and I think setting up a bunch of rules and trying to micromanage is the wrong way to go. Anyone who wants to see a quick video of fun organic trading check out this one I recorded of the first night of trading in 2018. So hopefully in 2022 as this recent article published by the NOAC public relations team relates patch trading will be a fun activity people can do in their free time and there won’t be a bunch of drama.






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