Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 24, 2022



The inaugural E-7 Cornerstone Conclave was a success this weekend at Camp Barnhardt. A little less than 600 Arrowmen from ten lodges across the section attended the event and enjoyed the most beautiful weather. Down the road at Camp Tuscarora in the east Nayawin Rar hosted the Cardinal Conclave. I only know of two people that attended both events but even with numbers lower due to COVID and all the challenges from bankruptcy both conclaves were successful.


Here is a positive sign for our hobby. On the schedule for the morning Knowledge & Training sessions was Patch Trading and Collecting. The presenter was a youth from Catawba Lodge. I attended the first session and saw about 50 people there with standing room only. I found out later the second session was even larger. So by my math about 20% of all attendees at the event sat in on that class. The patch trading was good both nights with a super convenient large shelter set aside just for the thread heads. I stuck it out past midnight both nights and shook more hands than I have since before the pandemic struck. No hand sanitizer was to be seen – a sure sign we are back to normal.


Hank Birdsong and I had similiar easy trading policies at our tables. I had a spread of OA flaps, CSPs, and event patches. You could trade 1:1 for similiar type patches. I had some kids trade with me over a dozen times during the weekend (I am not making this up) because this type of trading is easy and fun. I did have some better stuff on the table in boxes that I held out for a better deal. Not everyone can afford to be that generous with their swaps but I make enough return on eBay that when I am trading in person I can make sure the kid always comes out ahead in the deal.


On eBay I have 238 live auctions on shoulder patches, event patches and more. Now that conclave is over I have about five weeks til summer camp. I have to set priorities and wind down my projects. I’ve spent a lot of time this spring working on merit badges so I want to finish listing those. Also last week I photographed all my hats and sealed t-shirts so those need to get on too. Some of this doesn’t always make financial sense but my goal is to get every category online so whether it’s mugs, hats or n/c slides I’ve been working on those this year.


The other wonderful thing about conclave is all the conversations you get to have with people that you don’t see very often. I got to say hello to a bunch of my camp staff members, old lodge brothers and meet new people. I learned some things I didn’t know about my own lodge history from Mac McLean and shared many funny stories with Charles Galloway. It’s too bad conclave only happens 1/year but in 2023 we return to Camp Ho Non Wah in the lowcountry. That will mark my fifth time attending the event down there which means I’ve been very blessed and I’m getting old!






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