Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 22, 2022



In a few hours I’ll be pushing off to join hundreds (used to be over 1000) Arrowmen at the SR-5 conclave. I’m not sure if we are using the new numbering system yet or if this is officially the last SR-5 branded event. But regardless it’s at a familiar camp that I’ve been to twice before (2001, 2011) and it’s really just an hour from my warehouse. The section has always been friendly to patch trading so I’ll be under the tent tonight shaking hands and swapping cloth!


Yesterday I spent hours at my antique mall restocking it with new material. I took out many of the uniforms and replaced them with several hundred Scouting t-shirts from all over. I figure the weather has changed so for $5 perhaps someone will buy a vintage t-shirt even if they are not a super Scout collector. I also put in a lot more Girl Scout stuff and swapped out books too. I ran out of time and had to bring home a bunch of stuff so there will be a return trip before I head out this summer.


On eBay this week I have 238 live auctions mostly on shoulder patches and event patches. This weekend for in person patch trading I have sorted out all of my dupes for the Section lodges as well as Dixie patches, neckerchiefs, chenilles etc. Heck I’m evening bringing my dupes on ribbons awarded on Sunday for the different events. LOL


This is the last big Scouting event I’ll attend where there will be any patches involved until after summer camp. I don’t have any more TORs on the calendar. I had hoped to make the Alabama show (it was really good in 2021) but it’s the same weekend as a camp staff obligation. So I’ll save up all my efforts for the Pre-NOAC trade-o-ree that Chris Jensen is putting on.






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