Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 19, 2022



I just published a new unboxing video that came with a nice surprise. As you will see in the video I wasn’t surprised as I had seen pictures from the guy before making the deal. But rolled up in some red felt was one of my favorite pieces of Scouting memorabilia. Click the image link below to see the unboxing.


Sophia (my daughter) was the “face of patch trading” yesterday thanks to the OA and their social media team. Many of us got a NOAC update email yesterday and one of the articles written by a youth had a glowing review of patch trading at NOAC. I am sure because they know female Arrowmen are a target audience they decided to use a picture of a female Scout patch trading. Turns out that blondie was my daughter Sophia who would have just finished her first summer on camp staff in 2018 when I suspect the picture was taken. I have linked the article in the picture below.


Yesterday I put in my Pre-NOAC table reservations with Chris Jensen. I sent in the money long ago but this was actually picking the tables from the floor plan that Chris shared on his website. Chris has secured a gigantic convention center building in Knoxville for the TOR that is being held over three days. Coming out of COVID I hope as many traders, collectors and contingent members will make plans to visit the event.


On eBay I have 251 live auctions with a heavy dose of SAPs and JSPs. Yesterday I finished running over 100 mugs through the dishwasher from last week’s pick up. Today i started washing 8 trash bags full of uniform parts and t-shirts. 95% of the t-shirts are from my home camp, lodge and the Dixie fellowship so I’m not complaining. A few I’m probably going to put into rotation and start wearing now the the spring weather is here.


I have three days to get things to a stopping point in the warehouse and leave for conclave Friday. I love sorting out my patches that I’ll take to trade. I might be a big eBay guy but I love to do some 1:1 trading and shaking hands of fellow thread heads in person.






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