Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 17, 2022



Today I’m very late getting the newsletter out as we were visiting my MIL and helping her move. I did score an awesome portfolio binder that my Sister-In-Law didn’t want that has big 17×22 inch pages (perfect for patches). I’m also trying to see if a small pocket sized Nikon digital camera still works. Always a scavenger for anything I can use for the patch business! But overall the weekend was a success and she was very thankful for the help.


Starting tomorrow I’ve got four days to get ready for the SR-5 Conclave (oops is it still SR-5?). This one is close for me just 1 hour away from my house. Literally that is the closest any of the host camps is and it’s in a neighboring council. There is always good patch trading at our conclave as the leadership is very friendly towards this tradition. Sadly it’s the same weekend (thanks to Easter) of the SR-7B conclave also being held in North Carolina that weekend.


Chris Jensen sent out an email blast yesterday letting everyone know the sign up details for the 2022 PreNOAC TOR in Knoxville, TN. It’s a 3-day event starting on Saturday. I believe the contingents show up on Monday which is also the final day of the TOR. If you are interested in getting tables or just need to get more info to put it on your calendar click this link.


On eBay I have 261 live auctions with over 100 SAPs ending tonight. I schedule these things out way in advance so this just happens to be a box that I got into with a bunch of better shoulder strips. I also have a group of square merit badges ending.


Tonight I am going to start running mugs through the dishwasher that I got in the collection from Thursday. At least most of these are local mugs and there might be a market for them. I’ve actually put a lot of mugs up for sale on eBay and will on these as well. They are not great sellers but it’s better than giving them away!






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