Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 13, 2022



Over the last 48 hours I have recycled almost 100 pounds of Scouting memorabilia by essentially giving it away for free. In sorting out the warehouse and trying to get things off the top shelves (thanks Fire Marshall Bill) I decided to just post them on FB and let people have them for free if they would agree to pay for shipping. I have now sent 2 boxes of Girl Scout uniform parts to the midwest and a 9 pound box of BSA ribbons to Oklahoma.


Today I’m loading up the van to take a bunch of stuff to summer camp so it can also get recycled into the hands of Scouts and Scouters that are coming to Barstow. Heck I’m even giving away my tandem kayak! Last night I gave away a big tub (I mean big as in you could bury a person in it) of Cub Scout uniforms, neckerchiefs and slides to a local pack leader. She was very appreciative of the items and asked if she could share my name. Sure! I always tell people that I will recycle their Scouting memorabilia and I have lived up to that this week.


On eBay I have 296 live auctions including many pins, shoulder patches and OA pieces. Even though I said that I was clearing things off the shelf I did just add 6 tubs of t-shirts to the shelves in the warehouse. These were all the t-shirts I purchased from Julian Fowler. But they almost all from my home camp, council and lodge so I am kinda partial to them. Many were XXL or else I would have pulled some to go into rotation for my own drawer. This is the type of collectible that I’m putting on ice until after the summer as I have exactly 21 days before I leave for camp.


I have been joking about the Fire Marshall but in a way it’s a mixed blessing. I have maxed out some of the space in my warehouse by putting stuff as high as it would go. But honestly some of this was just me sticking a “death pile” out of sight out of mind. The rules say I can’t store anything above 12 feet high. So that box of BSA posters that I never looked at has to go. Yesterday I also gave away metal shelving that I was never going to use to one of my workers. Her husband is very handy and can reuse those pieces. Overall, it’s the spring cleaning I really needed to do anyways. Slightly annoying that it’s during my crunch time before camp but by the time I leave everything in the warehouse will be up to code and I can walk away to enjoy my time at Barstow.






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