Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 15, 2022



I’m getting the Hot Finds published a little later in the day as we were at camp all weekend to help get it ready for the summer. There was a really good turnout. I told the ranger that the most beautiful sound was a pressure washer that I could still hear running at 5 PM Saturday which meant another campsite’s Adirondacks were getting blasted clean from pollen and dust.


We had about 1/2 of our summer camp staff come to the voluntary work weekend and we made the most of it. All the area focused on getting set up so that they are ready to run this summer. We also did staff fun events Friday and Saturday which were a hit.


My next trip is down to Camp Thunder in GA Friday to drop my daughter off on a pre-Philmont shake down. She has gotten on with a crew down there and the schedule works out perfectly where she can get take part. I am probably going to find a quiet hotel room where I can finish a lot of work on the staff guide and prep listings to run over the summer.


On eBay I have 296 live auctions running with a bunch of those ending tonight. Among the items are pins, shoulder patches, NY OA and more. It will be a challenge to keep my calendar filled with new auctions going into June and July but I have high hopes. I just know once camp gets here I’m 100% focused on that.


I have a project list that has been chipped away at during the run up to camp. Luckily next week I should be able to add two new workers. I have my daughter and her boyfriend that will be getting a bunch of boxes ready to be scanned. They are doing the fine sort of everything that you saw in the time-lapse video from my recent unboxings.






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