Michigan Boy Scout Collection Unboxing

This collection features items from a 1970s Eagle Scout from Michigan with some older pieces from his father who was a Scouter in the late 1940s.  As you will see in this video I actually lost track of the second box and had to re-shoot the last part of the unboxing to include all the patches and many of the neckerchiefs.  The other unusual thing about this unboxing for me is how many books came in the collection.  Normally I shy away from having people ship books as they are heavy and bulky but since he had some really old ones I agreed to take them on.  This guy was very typical of Scouters that find me on the Internet – he kept everything!  From his cards to the neckerchief slides and even his own VERY well worn copy of the Boy Scout handbook with duct taped bookmarks.

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