Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 22, 2020

If I can finish up the shipping I hope to do an unboxing video before calling it a day. It’s been a while since I’ve done just a pure cutting open the box and showing everyone what’s inside. This one won’t be a sale video just for fun. But the collection includes some really cool thing because it straddles a few generations.

I have been working with a company to design a bin box that I can use here at the warehouse. Kinda taking the idea of Chris Jensen’s black boxes but not nearly as heavy duty. I’ve got so many beat up cardboard boxes from moving 3-4 times over the last five years that I’m ready to upgrade.

I had a friend call me yesterday and share a story of how someone in the hobby ripped him off. I really hate to hear it. I’d say 99% of the people I deal with in the hobby really are trustworthy. I can share stories of people getting somebody else’s order and offering to send it on to the correct person free of charge. But I guess there is always the 1% that are a pain in the a**.

I’ve got 249 live auctions on Patchsniper with a batch of about 25 ending every night. I’ve been really busy on the $5dollarpatchstore loading up 242 live auctions including neckerchiefs and shoulder patches. Meanwhile on Santeeswapper I’m continue to sell a GA OA collection with auctions on lodges 205 and 353.

After work I have permission to go to Lowes and purchase a fire pit. We’ve worked over many Corona weekends to get an outdoor space built at the house with gardens and the finale this weekend is to debut the fire pit. Can you spell s’mores!



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