Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 2, 2021


This afternoon I’m getting a chance to spend a rare Sunday afternoon back at my warehouse catching up on some projects. The real reason for going is that we have an important camp staff zoom tonight and I need to have a quiet place. But by negotiating for some extra time with my wife I can also finish filming a video and getting my Sunday night auctions ready to launch.


One experiment I’m going to play with is putting together one frame for each major event in my collection. I’ve already accomplished this for the National Jamborees but now I want to try it out with my Dixie Fellowship collection. When you have a neckerchief, chenille, pins, multiple patches, jacket patch etc it will not fit in a notebook nicely but will lay flat in a cushioned frame.


The most exciting news to share this week is that I’m getting closer and closer to finishing my OA name/number collection of every lodge that issued a flap. Some of the needs I am working on a long term deal to obtain and others I have leads on but the fun is in the chase. When finished this will be a great display for me to set up at big Scouting events.


Tonight on eBay I have over 100 auctions ending on 40+ year old vintage OA flaps and issues. I am plowing through a collection that over the next few months I’ll complete running up at auction. This is the same collection that my recent video focused on which gave me so many needs for my name/number set.


Well my faith in auctions was renewed last night when I sold a JSP from the 1990s for over $100 at auction. For me it’s also just been a really good way to guarantee I’m putting new items on eBay every day. But selling a JSP for $100+ is the home run a seller can only hope for.




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