Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 4, 2021


Today I’m publishing a video that kinda shares the behind the scenes view of what I’m doing in my Charlotte NC warehouse. A problem I am blessed to have is how do you sort incoming collections and tame the cloth chaos. In the past when I purchased a collection I would cherry pick the best items to resell and stack the box on a shelf with the other 80% of the collection. There had to be a better way!


So what I’ve developed over time is a system where everything gets “processed” the same way. My method is that I want everything to end up in sorted and labeled containers with similiar items. So for example all youth position patches end up in the same three bins labeled modern, 70s-80s, and vintage. You can bet EVERY collection I purchase is going to have youth position patches for example and this helps me put similiar things together.


I really enjoyed putting together this video. But the irony is that the process is kinda never ending. Right now in my warehouse even after filming this yesterday I need to clean the table and then I have 4 more boxes to run through the system. Luckily I’ve got some great part time helpers that keep the feed of fresh items being listed into my eBay store.


On eBay I have 313 live auctions as I continually feed the store fresh items. This week my focus is National Jamboree pieces with a sprinkle of Egwa Tawa Dee 129. My Sunday wave includes over 100 vintage OA flaps and issues.
I’m off this coming weekend to the Alabama TOR. This is a bit far for me to drive (about 7 hours) but I’ve never attended Jon’s show and he has done a good job promoting it. Plus I have not been to a TOR in over a year so I’m itching to spend time with the thread heads.



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