Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 08, 2022



Yesterday I went into the office for a few hours to tie up some loose ends and get a little more organized. One of my genius ideas was a little too clever it turns out. I have become very focused on the fact that I have less than 30 days before I leave for summer camp. So I have to really focus on what has to get done before then, what I can put to bed and how to prioritize all this. So I made some labels for a notebook that counted down the days. When I showed it to my wife last night she liked it so much she decided that she wanted to keep it for herself! Being that it’s Mother’s Day weekend how could I say no?


I am still going to use the idea even if my cool vintage Woodbadge notebook has been surrendered. I am making project cards so that I can get all the thoughts out of my head. Then going through the cards I can pick what I can work on each day. You can think of it as a brain dump of what all I need to get ready for camp. It’s also what warehouse projects I can either finish or put to rest over the next 26 days.


You might ask why does she need a countdown notebook? She has a ton of deadlines at work so since the calendar counted down the days in the month of May she saw the chance to use this hack to build out a plan on paper to get all that done. They have a fancy online task system but it also shows all the tasks and the idea is this is more to plan goals for a day or two at a time.


On eBay I have 312 live auctions with about 100 of those ending tonight. This includes some pretty good OA, belt buckles, and lots of event and shoulder patches. One of the cool pieces is a miniature Air Scout device pin.


I also wanted to let readers know that the date of the Charlotte TOR is up in the air. The church turned down my requested date. They are in the process of making some changes on the worship schedule and didn’t want to complicate anything with scheduling an event. So one of my project cards is now looking at neighboring council and lodge calendars to see if I can find a sweet spot weekend that works the best.






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