Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 16, 2021


I’m sending off today’s newsletter from the pavilion at Camp Barstow wrapping up a staff work weekend. We got a lot accomplished with over 40 staff members in attendance and a month to go before we welcome campers.


I got to see a lodge patch auction this weekend which was a treat. It was hard for me to resist bidding on anything. But I try not and be the “patch guy” when I am serving in my role as the summer camp director. We did find 3 more key staff members for our staff this weekend (joint event with OA fellowship running) so that was huge.


Tuesday I am scheduled to interview Bob Sherman for my podcast regarding the new Camp Book II V3 that was published recently. Between all my camp obligations and his busy schedule in retirement we have not connected but I should get a new podcast episode out this week.


I have 302 live auctions on eBay with over 100 of those ending tonight. All of these are vintage OA flaps and issues that are over 40 years old. This summer I look to slow down this strategy a bit but not completely put the brakes on it. Running my eBay business from camp will be a challenge but luckily I have some great employees who will do the heavy lifting (and shipping!).


I got some more ideas this weekend for the pop up Scouting museum that Matt Delk and I are going to put on during summer camp on Tuesday nights. We are not teaching Scouting heritage but this will be a chance to share our collections and maybe teach some adults and Scouts some of what patch collecting is all about.




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