Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 18, 2021


Today I published episode 97 of my Scouting Hot Finds Radio podcast. This is an interview with Bill Mulrenin focused on the history of cataloging OA items. Bill was the NY State editor for the Blue Book in Editions 3-6 and has a lot of insight into that history.


If this sounds familiar then you might remember that the original format of this interview was a zoom I did with Bill that I promoted as a round table. But I felt the audio was so valuable that I wanted to get it out to a bigger audience through the podcast. In the interview we start with Bill Price books all the way up through Arapaho and Blue Book.


Tonight I have been invited to give a talk at a Venturing meeting in Charlotte about patches. I have the perfect topic that I have titled the DNA of Venturing. I did a digital cracker barrel session on Senior Scouting from 1930-1965 and that will be the basis for my talk to these Scouts that essentially are doing the program that was pioneered by those Air Scouts and Explorers from 50+ years ago.


I have 225 live auctions on eBay right now with a mix of OA flaps, conclaves and activity patches. During May I have had some extra help in the warehouse as one of my camp staff members is home from college. Max has been sorting boxes and helping me stockpile some inventory that I can keep releasing throughout the summer when I’m at a camp.


Tuesday’s are the day that I have the warehouse to myself. I try and use that as a day to finish projects, record interviews and otherwise enjoy the quiet of working without any distractions. Everybody needs some turtle time!




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