Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 22, 2022



This weekend I had to get my daughter down to Camp Thunder in Georgia for a Philmont shake down trip. With it being a 5+ hour drive from Charlotte I decided to just find a place to stay over and get some work done. This Air B&B just minutes from the camp was an excellent choice.


Yesterday I created a little work station (by moving some furniture around) and got busy working on listings and putting the finishing touches on the camp staff manual etc. I don’t think I can remember a time where I spent an entire day (Saturday) all by myself and able to tune out much of the world to get stuff done. The only person I interacted with was the cashier at the Dollar General down the road because I didn’t pack a tooth brush. LOL


The accomplishment ts from the weekend I have the next 30 days of auctions on my calendar absolutely built and I’ll have a little bit of a buffer with some boxes ready to go. What I love about this strategy is that it’s fire and forget. I can focus on everything else in my business (and getting ready for camp) knowing that I don’t have to click a single button to have a steady stream of new listings go live on eBay.


This week on eBay I have 305 live auctions with a bunch of those ending tonight. The other exciting thing is that in creating the auctions yesterday I also created a ton of BIN items for the store. For example when I have two of something I just have to price it and throw it up Buy-It-Now. The same is true of some patches that I just know the price they go for and an auction doesn’t make sense. I’ve also scheduled these to go live today while I’m on the drive back.. So I plan to add 500+ items to my store between 1-5 PM.


As of today I have 12 days left before I leave for summer camp. During this time I’ve experimented with journaling to help me keep my sanity and stay on target to get priorities done. Some days are a wash (like today driving back) but I have about 8 more solid work days in the warehouse. The to-do list is getting shorter and shorter and I’m trying hard to get everything crossed off the list.






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