Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 28, 2023


Yesterday I met a 16 year old Venturer and her mom that geeked out about vintage Scouting memorabilia at my warehouse and left me smiling. For the backstory my daughter is going to Philmont this summer with a local Venturing Crew. In a recent call I invited any members of the crew to come picking at my warehouse instead of having to buy stuff at full price in the Tooth of Time Trading Post. I told them I’d let them have the stuff for free to support the people going on the trip (they have already paid out plenty!).



So the family that took me up on the offer has 3 people going including the daughter who is a the VOA president in our council. It turns out her whole family really digs vintage stuff. They have been to my antique mall booth and even showed me pictures of them trying some stuff on. Although they live about 40 minutes away (big city traffic) they are hoping to return soon and spend some more time. After picking out leather belts, buckles, neckerchiefs and slides she left with a red Jac-Shirt, copies of the Explorer manuals from the early 1950s and mid 1960s (was curious about Venturing roots) and I even found her a white felt bull for her jacket. She was happy, mom was happy and I was smiling from ear to ear. They do exist! Young people who get our fascination with this old stuff. 🙂



I know that when I got to summer camp and Jamboree I am going to meet more Scouts like her that appreciate the 100+ years of history our program has achieved. My mind always goes back to how do we nurture this fleeting interest in our hobby. Websites like the one Paul Myers has built? Videos and podcasts like some of the things I’ve done on my website? Taking our collections to troop meetings, district and council events, TORs, and OA conclaves etc? I think all of those are a good recipe and I encourage my fellow thread heads to spend some time and energy growing the hobby.



On Santeeswapper can you believe I am auctioning off about 50 BSA T-shirts along with OA coffee mugs and more?! All told I have 283 live auctions right now on that account. Meanwhile, I have 83 auctions running on OApatch with some heavy hitters ending tonight including a dance team patch.








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