Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 05, 2020

This week in patch land I’m focused on my consignors and trying to get new stuff listed for them. I only have a handful of deals like that but it’s what helped me get started almost 20 years ago being a serious eBay guy.

I am waiting for a prototype to arrive from a manufacturing company. If you were to look at my warehouse you’d see a rag tag collection of different boxes that I have my inventory stored in. I guess because of the pandemic this company was happy for the business so they have made a built to spec inventory box for me. We will see!

I have really been toying with returning to some of my old tricks for selling on Facebook. On the days when I engage in the group and list stuff I always do well. But too often a week goes by without me putting anything up there. So I’m looking at how I can change that but it’s always a balance between what is worth the time investment.

My strategy of listing new auctions every night continues! I’ve got 150+ live auctions on OApatch with a couple dozen ending tonight. Meanwhile on Patchsniper I have 200 live auctions with many ending tonight. I built auctions yesterday for my other account but got busy with family and forgot to list them last night! 🙂

I shared this picture with my existing customers of Best Hobby Pages yesterday. This is a pallet delivery that I got in last Thursday to restock some of the pages that I sell. This order has just under 10k pages in those boxes. Last month was a very busy one for sending out BHP and I’m making sure to keep everything in stock. In the next month I’ve got another order for 12,500 pages coming in. So rest assured that if you use BHP it will be around for the long haul.



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