Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 25, 2021


I’ve got another unboxing video out today. This one is interesting because it’s kinda a part 2. The gentleman who sent me a box of his dad’s stuff several months ago decided to send me another box. This time it had more of his own stuff and some of his son’s unwanted items. No killer pieces but I did get a few items for my collection.


So yesterday I had something kinda bizarre happened. I listed a bunch of SAPs from a North Carolina council in the afternoon. I posted these on Facebook to alert collectors to the fresh inventory. Later a disgruntled buyer contacted me and said two items that were in his shopping cart disappeared. I looked into it and sure enough while he was “shopping” somebody else was able to buy those two patches and paid before he did. He called me irrated but I promised that this was just an eBay thing and nothing I had control over. In hindsight maybe I should have auctioned those!.


Today I’m working on camp stuff pretty most of the day. I’ve got to get an update out to Scoutmasters, work on the staff roster including housing arrangements, finish our camper passport document, send out safety updates regarding COVID etc.
I have 202 live auctions on eBay. This week I’m auctioning off a bunch of North Carolina camp items, southeastern OA conclaves and at the end of the week some vintage flaps.
Last night I took part in a very enjoyable digital crackerbarrel hosted by John Pleasants and Larry Lane. They asked me to talk about my OA Name/Number flap collection. I did a 29 minute video on this one a while back that you can go see. But the real highlight was asking how people kept track of their collections. The feedback and systems that the different collectors shared was impressive.



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