Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 23, 2021


Yesterday I went to go purchase a North Carolina collection. This might just be the first such picking trip for my patch wagon (as my friend named it). On the way home I stopped at the local BBQ restaurant as I was in Lexington style territory. I have to say my favorite is the midlands mustard based sauce but you can’t go wrong with NC chopped pork BBQ any day of the week.


I got that Florida State usher patch in a collection some months back and just this week got it up for auction. I think it’s a beautiful piece and maybe sharing it here will spark the idea for more people to use this design idea. Can we still make patches with Native Americans carrying spears?


I have 10 days left in my warehouse before summer camp. I have to admit that’s kinda scary for me to put a pin in so many small projects. I need to spend a few days wrapping things up and making sure my ladies have everything they need to run the ship without the captain for June/July. I will be able to come and pop in for a few hours on Saturday night but I’m also looking forward to getting away from the computer desk at camp.


I have 207 live auctions on eBay with about 1/4 of those ending tonight. I’ve pulled back a bit and am running only 50 auctions the next several Sunday’s but I will stick with the 7-day auction strategy through the summer.


The collection that I brought home yesterday included maybe 200 mugs. My rule now is that I can’t put them on a shelf to collect dust but have to quickly photograph and list them. It’s fun to list the good stuff but I’ve learned that strategy leads to death piles (or boxes) in the warehouse that never get taken care of. So the mugs will be the first thing photographed next week.




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