Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 28, 2021


I have just 6 more working days in the office before I push off for summer camp. I think it would be accurate to say at this point I have no idea how I’m going to get it all done. I need to spend a day or two in my antique mall booth stocking the shelves, open more collections that I’ve purchased, and try and set up my employees with procedures so they can keep the car running without the mechanic to trouble shoot problems.
I spent all day Tuesday working on camp stuff and a good chunk of this morning will be too before I close the book and get ready to leave for family vacation in the morning. As is the norm we’ve had a few staff members drop off and a few more sign on so it’s a giant jigsaw puzzle to get everyone in the right place. But I am good company! I learned my patch trading buddy Brad England is also going to be a camp director this summer. So I’m not the only 40 something year old thread head that thinks this is an intense and fun summer job.
On eBay I have 199 live auctions with over 4-dozen of those vintage OA issues ending Sunday night. Yesterday I created listings for about 20 Scout flags that will launch this Sunday. It’s always fun when I pull a box off the shelf that hasn’t been touched since I moved and find good stuff to throw up for sale.
Just to show you guys that I have a little patch problem….I’ve worked out a deal to get a small collection on my way home from vacation. This guy is old school (no PayPal, doesn’t want a check) so we are meeting the day I’m driving home from vacation to hand off a collection. I still haven’t told my wife about this one but hopefully the vacation goes well and I can tell her when we get in the car next Friday!?



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