Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 21, 2021


Tomorrow I am going to do my good duty as a volunteer and also do some picking. My son’s troop has a day hike planned for their May activity. I signed up to be a driver so I’ll be hauling boys to Morrow Mountain State Park in the morning. But later in the morning I have a collection to go take a look at so I’m going to put some more miles on the patch wagon. If It all goes well I can get the collection and still be back to the park in time for getting the Scouts home. 🙂


Today in the patch warehouse my short term helper Max is going to be photographing boxes of belt buckles, slides and odd shaped items. For years I just boxed all these things away but I want to finally get them photographed before I have to wind things down for camp.


I have 206 live auctions on eBay with a nice batch of vintage OA ending Sunday night. Be sure and take a look to see as this collection has done really well on the 7-day format over the last few months.


It’s hitting me now that I only have 2 weeks left in the warehouse before summer camp season begins. My family has a week’s vacation planned in there too. That tells me I need to come up with the wind down plan to put a plug in many projects and decide where is my stopping point. Since I left for camp in 2019 my business has really grown. So part of this wind down will also involve working with my employees to establish some procedures for running the ship without the captain around.




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