Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 26, 2015


I got word this week of a new resource book in the hobby and I want to take today’s newsletter to mention it. I can’t say “review” because I have not yet purchased a copy but I think as you hear about it you can be rest assured of its quality.

Mike Gosling has been collecting since 1961 and he puts his 50+ years of experience and collection of more than 180 different countries into his new book: Boy Scout Insignia. It features the the National strip, National flag and National emblem along with Membership, Second Class, First Class and Cub Scout Membership from Scout organizations around the world.

As you can see in this sample page from the book Mike did the book in full color. He is selling it as a book through a website called Createspace.com. Mike told me that many of the patch scans come from his own collection but he did have to reach out to other members of the badgers to get certain images. The International Badgers Club is a worldwide group focused on collectors who are interested in swapping for badges from each country in WOSM.

I am happy to help share resources for the hobby in the newsletter. If you have a similar project and want a free plug send me an email and I’ll see if we can work it out. I think Mike has done the hobby a great service (especially in a World Jamboree year) and I hope he gets a good response.

The first victim of downsizing my project list will be my own off-eBay store at www.ScoutPatchHQ.com. I know that come August I will be struggling to keep my head above water with lesson plans and grading papers. So keeping two Internet stores open won’t be possible when I will have precious little time to devote to the hobby. I’ll probably keep it open for a couple more weeks but this is definitely a priority for June.







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