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Many of you are probably aware that for almost a year now I have been helping the family of Dave Durham sell off the items from his collection. Dave was a long time professional Scouter (and volunteer after retirement) from the 50’s to the 90’s. Up until now, all items sold have been via Ebay, but we have a live sale/auction scheduled for July 8. Earlier this week I sent an e-mail to collectors who have previously indicated an interest in being notified about this collection. Below is the text of that e-mail. It is posted here as notice to any interested members of this board.


Tripp Clark


Subject: Dave Durham Collection Auction/Sale


On Saturday, July 8 we will hold an auction and sale of Scouting Memorabilia items from the collection of Dave Durham at the Camp Barstow dining hall; a place Dave dearly loved! Here are the details.


The doors will open at 5:00 p.m. We ask that you please not arrive before 5:00. To be fair and equitable to all, and to allow adequate time to prepare, we will not allow folks to enter early. We hope that everyone understands the reasons for this.


Format: While certainly subject to change, the intended format and schedule will be as follows. From 5:00 to 5:30, participants will enter, register, and be assigned a bidder number. During this time (and throughout the event) we will have some items that will be available for set-price sale. These will be available on a first come, first served basis. It is planned that no items in the set-price group of items will also be in the auction. Just before 5:30, we will go over the auction guidelines and answer any questions. We will then have three silent auctions lasting 30 – 45 minutes each (time will be announced) with a few minutes in between each one. These auctions will be very similar to the silent auctions held at Muscogee Lodge banquets each year. Some items will have a minimum or reserve. We expect to conclude the entire event around 8:30 in order to allow folks to pay for their purchases and depart before 9:00.


What Memorabilia is Included?

I would love to be able to produce a list, but just am not able to do so. I can provide some general information though. There are lots of flaps and fellowships from Muscogee Lodge and lots of Camp Barstow items (mostly from the 70’s to the 90’s). There are also lots of other event patches from Central SC Council and Indian Waters Council, mostly again from the 70’s – 90’s . . . these include such things as District Camporees, Scout Shows, Council Camporees, even Day Camps. There are quite a few neckerchiefs in this group of items — Barstow and other camps, Muscogee Lodge, Dixie Fellowship and other conclaves, etc. There are also lots and lots of Scout t-shirts (Camp Barstow and other) from the 60’s to the 90’s and lots and lots of mugs (including some of the more sought after mugs by local collectors). There are also some vintage books and publications, plus a whole lot more in the “miscellaneous” category. While the overwhelming majority of the items in Dave’s collection are from Central SC / Indian Waters, there are several items from neighboring councils and lodges in the SC, NC, GA area.


There is no bidder registration fee or other cost to participate. Since this event does run through prime supper time, we will have food available. We do not expect to have full kitchen access, so I am not sure exactly what food options will be available, but the Durham girls (Mrs. Gladys and daughters Madeline and Elizabeth) will take charge of this and make sure we are not hungry.


So that we will know how much food we need and can otherwise plan better for the number of folks to expect, we ask to you please RSVP by reply to this e-mail to let us know if you plan to attend. You are also welcome to pass the word to other collectors who might be interested, but likewise please ask that they RSVP also.


Payment Accepted
For any items that you purchase, of course cash payment is accepted as are personal checks. These are the preferred method of payment. If, instead, someone wants to pay for their purchases with credit card, this can be handled after the event by PayPal, however payment needs to be within one week and items would need to be picked up locally after payment, or can be mailed for an added cost.




Just wanted to give a big THANK YOU out to Tripp and the Durham family for such a wonderful auction.
The auction generated great sales for the family and many opportunities for us collectors to fill many holes and pick up some other rather intresting items.

Also thanks to “uncle dave” for never throwing any of this old junk out.

If you missed the auction better luck next time. a few highlights of the auction were:

an obv set of skinny foxes
almost every year camp barstow t-shirt ever made and muscogee as well
tons of red and white community strips from central sc area
scrapbooks form central sc area
old uniforms, belt buckles, neckerchiefs
camporee patches
muscogee flaps, fellowship patches, jacket patches and neckerchiefs
and more scouting knicknacks that you can imagine

From what i understand this is the first of possibly three of these types of auctions.


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