Here Comes the NOAC Tsunami!

2006 NOAC Wave Of Auctions Hits The Boy Scout Category

Right before a Tsunami hits the water close to shore pulls back building up the power of the wave that is to come. Pardon the analogy but this is what happened on eBay before the NOAC issues starting hitting the auction block. The days leading up to the event saw the number of Scouting items on eBay retreat as low as 8k items at one point. Specifically, in the Order of the Arrow Patches category there were only 953 items sold between July 29 and Aug 4 which roughly parallels the dates of the NOAC at Michigan State University. However from Aug 5 to Jul 11 that figure has leapt to 2,693 items sold. During the last week the percentage of successful listings has also shot way up. Of every listing including the key word “NOAC” the success rate is 66.6%. I think this is a real key factor to keep an eye on. When the wave starts to crash that is the number that will help tell the story. When the market starts to bottom out the sellers will no longer get their asking price on auction listings and the success rate will plummet. That figure of 2/3 may even rise in the next week but I will be watching for it to fall below 50% as a signal that the fun ride is over.


NOAC Items Topping the Century Mark


Lodge 216 Nampa-Tsi 2006 NOAC 06 Delegate gld bdr Rare! $227.50

2006 Topa Topa #291 NOAC Chenille *Tough Patch* $227.50

2006 Noac Leather Lodge 99 Delegate Patch $134.75

Esselen Lodge 531 2006 NOAC Complete Set (10 Pieces)! $130.50

Esselen Lodge 531 2006 NOAC Complete Set (10 Pieces)! $130.50

Wahunsenakah 333 2006 NOAC Delegate & Trader Flaps! $127.77

2006 Waupecan Lodge # 197 NOAC Flaps $112.50

10 NOAC 2006 Waupecan OA Lodge Contingent Patches $112.50

Lodge 300 Apoxky Aio 2006 Dancing Bears 2006 NOAC Patch $108.49

OA NOAC 2006 Lodge 230 Pellissippi Set 2 Yellow and SMY $102.50

2006 NOAC Security Staff Patch $100.99




Well, you missed a real biggy was the 199 NOAC flap, only 25 made, 5 attendees and it brought 340 bucks. The back-up bidder also got one for 335 so as best I can tell to this point they are the biggies in the NOAC stuff.

By firstcalltx on August 18th, 2006 at 12:08 am

Hot dog!:eek:

By OkiePatchTrader on August 25th, 2006 at 7:05 pm

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