Finally! Some Kick A** Mixed Lots

You would be hard pressed to find better Mixed Lots that have sold recently on eBay then the pair I’ve got links for here. I’m a little surprised because I honestly didn’t spot the 2nd one while it was live and you all know that I keep an eagle eye out for these mixed lots in the Boy Scout category. Now in keeping with the interactive nature of I have 2 questions for the readers. #1 Why did the first lot sell for over $1,000? #2 The second lot only got a single bid – so was it overpriced or a good deal?


Huge Lot 46 National Boy Scouts of America OA Patches



Order of the Arrow Collection 19 Patches circa 1957



I think for #1 it is the accumulation of a lot of items that together are worth at least as much as the final bid. Most obviously, the small Philmont round with segments including the Mountain Man, the five (!) Philmont Staff arrowheads, the six Camp Wisdom Ranger felts, and the older Lone Star Summer Camp felt. I also suspect that if someone had a good idea of where it was used, the “Council Camp 1941” strip may well have been nice piece.

For #2–looks to me like a good deal, assuming the item IDs listed are correct. At least two likely $200+ items: the Memeu R1 and the Sipp-O F-1. Even more $100+ items: the Allemakewink R1a, Tonkawa A5a, Colonneh X1a, Cowikee/Choctaw Chapter X1, Adirondack F1.
Lots of the others are in the $50 range.

By Tegularius on June 10th, 2010 at 3:40 pm

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