OA First Flaps & More Put Up Good #s

If you are a regular reader of the Hot Finds newsletter then it will be no surprise to you that tspa sold a run of FF and other flaps this week. What you might not have spotted however is that only 1 of their offerings scored in the Top-4 if you rank this week’s OA sales from top to bottom. Its harder to imagine finding a Chief Shabbona F1 in more minty shape then the one that leads the pack. Click through to see how these top selling pieces from the last week did.

Item Title – Click To See The Listing on eBay Bids


OA Lodge 120 Chief Shabbona F1 13
OA 135 Achunanchi First Flap 8
OA TX Tejas Lodge 72 F-1 FIRST FLAP! 1
Menetomi Lodge 496 (OA 496) F-1a Sewn & Glued 3
OA 224 Cowikee First Flap 1
OA 96 Tom Kita Chara flap 2
OA 56 Okiciyapi First Flap 7


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