Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 12, 2020

This weekend my daughter will leave for Sea Base on a 10 day trip. it was one of those deals where a couple of spots opened up for a crew going from another council and she got invited to join. This is the Island Adventure trip that sounds like a lot of fun. I have never been to Sea Base so I will ask her to bring me back a t-shirt.

I also just signed her up the 2021 National Jamboree. This kid hit things just right as she went to the WSJ in 2019, Sea Base in 2020 and NJ in 2021 all as a youth. Hopefully those experiences will stay with here for a long time.

Yesterday I took a deep dive looking at all the different options eBay gives you for running specials in your store. There are always things you can learn about the platform and yesterday I learned a few tricks that I’ll already trying out. I’m also trying to research whether I can improve the layout of my store and branding.

I’ve got about 4-dozen Georgia OA flaps and issues ending tonight on eBay. On the $5dollarpatchstore I have 199 auctions on CSPs. My patchsniper account has 169 auctions on OA flaps and 2-piece sets. OA patch has 92 auctions on OA sets including many lodges in the #400 numbers.

Today I’m going to be getting things tied down at the office so me and the family can go on vacation next week. I have to force myself not to bring a bunch of patch projects with me. That’s the danger of loving what you do for a living – the temptation is to bring it along. I have to remember that at the condo my wife won’t enjoy seeing boxes of patches spread out on a coffee table!



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