Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 9, 2017

There are about a 1/2 dozen troops going from North Carolina and we are getting together and making a patch and t-shirt for the contingent. The way the Girl Scouts work there are only 3 councils in the state. As you can imagine that makes some of them huge. The tradition is to make hand made swaps for trading at GS events but this time there is going to be some patch trading mixed in with that. I’m going to take a bunch of patches and give them to the NC girls so they can really have a fun time doing that great 1:1 trading.

On eBay somebody is selling a 25 year old sales catalog from Brush Creek Trading. I actually remember this one and have a copy of it somewhere I think. I don’t really think this type of sale is totally dead. A set price list with pictures is not a bad idea considering what you can do with Facebook and email to promote it. I’ve got a collection that might fall into my hands later this year and this might be the way I go to push it out there.

Next week my rising Wolf Cub Scout is going to day camp. This is one of my favorite memories from Cub Scouts and I’m hoping it will be a great one for him. Tuesday is my day to go volunteer so I’ll get to see all the action.

I don’t have many live auctions running now that school is about to be out but two of them are definitely worth mentioned. From a recent collection I have a Silver Fawn and a Silver Antelope medal that are ending at auction Sunday. Many of you know the story on the Silver Fawn and this example is in excellent condition. My focus for the rest of June is stocking my eBay store and selling some more JSPs from a consignment collection. These are a few neat auctions that I hope you’ll put on your watch list.




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