Gold Eagle Scout Medal for sale – $15,000

Gold Eagle Scout Medal – Only Known Example


I remember reading back in 1982 that the 1 millionth Eagle Scout Alexander Holsinger received a gold Eagle Scout medal, the only other person than Dan Beard who received a gold Eagle medal. Now according to Jeff Feldman, that 1982 gold Eagle medal was never awarded. What?!


There is lots of lore surrounding this Eagle Scout Medal. It came from the collection of Phil Parlet and he acquired it from J.L. Tarr (Chief Scout Executive) in the late 1980’s. Phil had a personal relationship with Mr. Tarr. Phil displayed this medal with his collection for many years and enjoyed recounting the story behind the medal. He said that it was made by the BSA to be awarded to the 1,000,000th Eagle Scout in 1982. The only other gold medal was made and awarded to Dan Beard many years earlier. After the BSA had it made, there was dissention at National whether to awarded it to the 1,000,000th Eagle Scout and the decision was made not to award it to Mr. Holsinger. It remained with Mr. Tarr until he sold or gave it to Phil years later. The card that Phil displayed with the medal is pictured in the auction here. This is the only known example and it belongs in a museum. I have had it locked up for a long time and would like to see it displayed.


What did they do, take the medal back? Or maybe it was, “Sorry, we changed our mind after hyping it up.”




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