Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 9, 2024



I had some questions about the Whatnot live auction that I broke the news on Friday. So here are a few points to help explain. If you have a smart phone it’s an App that you can download. It’s a bit like watching a YouTube video when the show starts but there is a running chat where you can interact with the host and others. Then when something is offered for sale (short 30 second auctions) you can bid live on your phone. All of this also works on a desktop/laptop computer.


Tomorrow I’ll finish prepping the first show and will be scheduling it for Monday June 17 @4 PM eastern. So in the next issue I’ll share a link where you can preview all the items that will be offered for sale. You can actually enter pre-bids on items just like you can in some other auctions you might be familiar with. There is also the ability to have buy-it-now items. Since I’m just trying not to crash in flames running my first show I’ve grouped it all out where there will be 50 auctions and 3 giveaways.


The members of my Patreon Group the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders already know what’s going to be in the first auction. I publish exclusive weekly content for them and post it in our private group. This week I shared the unboxing video with them on this unique collection. There is an interesting twist on this collection that helped prompt me to make it my very first Whatnot auction. If you want to join the Patreon Group check out the details and consider trying it out.


On eBay I have 234 live auctions running including a bunch of neckerchiefs. For any of you tired of seeing so many of these flooding my feed don’t worry. I believe in the next two weeks all of the scheduled neckerchiefs will have run through my store.








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