Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 04, 2019

I got notification while I’m on vacation that 4 boxes showed up on my doorstep yesterday. These are from a collection that I have not laid eyes on. One of the boxes weighs 30 pounds and it cost about $180 to have it all shipped UPS. Can anybody say unboxing!?

I’ve got a few other collection pans in the fire. My wife rolled her eyes at me when I talked about this on vacation. She knows that I’m going to be gone for the better part of 2 months so this talk of buying more collections is not good pool side conversation.

One idea I ran by her was the idea of maybe flipping these collections wholesale rather than 1 patch at a time. I’ve almost never done this (maybe why my warehouse is so full of crap) but here is the idea. Pay X for a collection. Take similar items and sell them 50-100 at a time in giant lots with a goal of simply doubling my investment. Rather than trying to do the tedious job of selling $5-10 OA flaps let somebody else have a crack at that.

In the past on small collections I would take everything in the box and try and post it on Facebook quickly. On a few of them within a week I was able to sell off everything so I didn’t have to add to the stacks on the shelf. It would be hard to imagine doing that with a collection of some size. Anybody else have experience with this strategy?

So hopefully in the next issue of the Hot Finds I’ll have that unboxing video ready to share. It might be epic or it might not be as again I really don’t know what all is there!



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